Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did you ever wonder.....

...what it would be like if Mother Nature ever had PMS??? well we here in Central Illinios are finding out! How else can you explain an earth quake and hailing ice in April?!?!? here are pictures taken last night.....now keep in mind it was 80 degrees here on Friday!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shakey Day

Apparently we had an earthquake!! it happened around 4:30 am Friday but no of us woke up for it. I'm really suprised, I'm a pretty light sleeper so I must've been tired. We heard all about it on the radio while we were getting ready for school. We've had minor ones every so often, I can remember 2 in my life, once in the 80's then again in 2002. I didn't feel either of them so I wasn't too suprised that I didn't feel this one. UNTIL......10:18 I was sitting right here at the computer when the house started to shake!! I immediatly looked outside thinking it was the wind but the trees weren't really moving! it didn't last long, maybe 10 seconds or so but it was the weirdest thing ever!! I wasn't completly convinced I turned on the TV......nothing.....I had the radio on.....nothing.....so I called Brian and he confirmed that we did have an after shock. I thought it was a little werid that they didn't break into the TV with the announcement I mean we have a werid looking cloud and all we hear are tornado watches.....anyway it made for a freaky few minutes =o)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mitchell is a Young Author!!

On Thursday Mitchell was honored at the Urbana District Young Authors Celebration. Linda Gorham was the keynote speaker (she's a professional storyteller) and was fantastic! They had some breakout sessions for the kids, lunch, awards and the UMS students did some dramatic interpretations of some of the stories submitted, Mitchell's wasn't one chosen. Here is a picture of him recieving his certificate from Dr. Williams, the district superintendent. Brian, Matty and I were able to enjoy the day with him.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not a very good week

I just found out Sunday that Mitchell has been having some trouble with a teacher at school. It just broke my heart to hear him tell us his version of what's been happening. I couldn't sleep Sunday night and went in to talk to the principal on Monday. Brian and I are meeting with her and the teacher tomorrow. Why in the world someone would want to berate and belittle a child is beyond me.......I can't wait to hear her version of this.

And if that wasn't a bad enough start to my week, a friend died Monday morning. It hard for me to imagine someone feeling that ending your life is your only option. I just keep thinking why didn't you reach out to a friend! She had a teenage daughter, my heard just breaks for her. If you're a praying person please pray for her. And if you ever need a shoulder, know that I'm here for you!! just a phone call, an email or a road trip away!!!