Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't you just love it when......

you have a day where everything seems to go just right?!?! Well today was one of those days for me!!

  • I got up and went to curves without even thinking about skipping!
  • Got home, did an email check then got the PTA newsletter and calendar completed
  • Met with a friend to discuss some business.......all I will say for now is WOO HOO!!!
  • Got the boys from school came home and got their afternoon routine done
  • Met Brian at the mini golf for Thomas Paine (boys school) day! ( got a bunch of pictures!!)
  • Had a very quick dinner with the family at Mitchells choice - Spaghetti shop
  • Went to my class and felt AWESOME after!
  • Stopped at Sonic for a super size Diet Dr. Pepper!!!
  • Came home and watched SURVIVOR!!! GO Fei Long!!!

Tomorrow is also going to be awesome! I do have to go up to school to pass out the above mentioned calendar & newsletter but that shouldn't take too long. Then I'll come home, tidy up a bit and start packing to go to an ALL day crop on Saturday!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I had a princess day

I watched my niece Trini today, she is such a cutie!! so all day I was Princess Aunt Laurie and she was of course Princess Trini!! we had fun playing, shopping and going out to lunch. We didn't have time to go to the park but I gave her a pass to call me sometime for a trip down a local slide. I had my camera in the van but didn't get a single picture. I really need to set a goal to take more pictures.

I've been going in so many directions lately that I'm not sure which way is forward. Hopeing things settle down and clear up.

Cub scout fun day was yesterday, I did get some pictures there, but haven't uploaded them, I'll try and post some tomorrow. The boys had a great time but boy was it hot!! The news tonight said we had no 90 degree days in July but have had 9 in September!! One of the newscasters noted at this rate it's going to snow in May! Someone needs to let mother nature know it's fall!

Brian hasn't felt good all weekend, he doesn't get sick often but when it does it seems to really wear him down. I hope he starts feeling better and back to normal.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Did I mention I started going to Curves??

My good buddy started and has been bugging me to go with her. She said she wouldn't stop until I gave her a good reason why I can't go too......and since I couldn't come up with one I decided to re-join (I was going 2 years or so ago got really sick and never went back) so I made my appointment and started last week. Today was the end of my second week (I refuse to sweat on the weekends!!) My friend always weighs herself as we leave, I don't......thinking if I don't see results I'll stop going.....but today I thought oh why not......ready for this.....I've lost 10 lbs!!!!!! Holy crap I can hardly believe it. I am also walking to and from school most days and that's 2.5 miles. I'm so proud of myself!!!Maybe I'll start posting a pic of myself on my official weigh in day??

It's Friday!!!

Things have been pretty crazy since school started.....I'm back in full swing as President of the PTA, Mitchell has gone on 2 all day field trips and Matty is reading up a storm!!! I've done a full inventory of my store and am getting ready to vend hand made items at a HUGE local craft show......whew!! So I'm not going to vend at a scrap show or go to a 2 day crop all going on this weekend.....instead I'm staying home to clean and organize. I had been keeping up with my wife & mom duties so good since we moved here until school started. So I need this weekend to get back on track. My goal is to start crafting during the days 1. because I WANT to and 2. because I need items to fill my booth at the show!!! I have 2 great friends going in on the booth with me so all the pressure isn't on me.. I also ordered 2500 business cards for the show. I have no idea how many people come thru there but it's HUGE so I want to be prepared.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My legs still hurt!!

I sure can feel a difference in how I feel already!! Today is was so hot and humid I almost drove to pick the boys up but I didn't!!! (yea me!!) I spent the day with my mom.....and we had a good day!! We went to lunch then ran a few errands....including going to Curtis Orchard so she could pick up a pie for her game night and anyone local knows you can't go there without getting some apple cinnamon donuts!! We each ate one as soon as we left! I got a dozen, the boys had one after school, well Mitchell had 2 he said he couldn't help it he needed another one =oD they are good!! I want to take the boys back in the fall, they usually go on a field trip there with school too. It's a great place to get some good pictures, they also have a fun play area and goats to feed.

OK I love my new computer....but I really HATE windows vista, the tech support people keep telling me that once I figure it out I'll really like it....I'm having a terrible time getting my software loaded. Right now I'm trying to install my Craft Robo software....very frustrating.

I was on a message board today and someone posted a question "who is your hero?" mine, hands down is my husband Brian. I had never really thought about it before...but wanted to share that.