Friday, December 28, 2007

Such a bittersweet day....

Ten years ago today my oldest son Mitchell was born!! what an awesome day it was for us.....especially for me after being in labor for 30 hours and pushing for over 4 hours!!! So why bittersweet you might be thinking?!?! well today he decided to spend the day with us and the night with his friend at his first sleepover!!! I've been a little freaked out all week. I mean it's not even the kids's MITCHELLS birthday! No really I'm happy for him and really tried not to make him feel too guilty for not choosing me :) a little guilty maybe! We did have a good day, being the birthday boy he got to plan the day. We started with lunch at El Toro (his favorite restaurant) then a movie, National Treasure (both were awesome) then we hit Toys-R-Us so he could do a little shopping then Circuit city so he could pick up a new x-box 360 controller. Now I'm packing for a crop tomorrow and the little guy and Brian are playing the new Star Wars battleship the boys got for Christmas.....I think right now Matty is winning =o)

Here are a couple pictures from Christmas....

the boys setting up Santa's cookies & milk....later both wrote notes for Santa, Mitchell letting him know he's welcome to use our restroom if he needs to (with a space for him to sign if he does use it!) and Matty just letting him know that he loves him and loves Christmas. Currently Mitch's note is mia.....looking very hard to find it!!

Matty asked Santa for a Bantha set.....DUH!!! the Tuskan Raiders use Bantha's for transportation in Episodes 2 and 4. (it's that rat looking thing on his lap =o)

Santa brought Mitchell the AT-AT he's been drooling over for months!! yes another Star Wars Christmas for us!!

Lobot.........lobot........has anyone seen lobot??
I hope that everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we did and your hearts are filled with Joy.
God Bless you

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mom update

I forgot to post an update, she is doing very well!! She had 3 blockages, 2 stints were put in, the other wasn't a large enough blockage to warrant a stint. Thanks to everyone!!! She was even back at work yesterday!!! WOW the wonders of modern medicine!!

"dad will only kill you...."

So that's not something you want to hear your son tell you right?!?! lets back up to yesterday afternoon. I had told the boys we'd go see Santa before he left town for his big night. We go to the little we're off to the big crowded mall. It was so cute, the boys seemed a little star struck when they saw him and had to be encouraged to go up and talk with him. They had a great visit and Santa was impressed with only 1 request per boy. So then we're looking around the mall a little and we see a pet store. It's been there for a while but we don't get to the mall often. Right there in the big window are 3 of the most adorable little puppies ever!!! Tiny little white mops with a few black spots.....some kind of cross breed I can't remember right now. So I'm standing there in the window whiney like a 10 year old....please can we get a puppy!?!?!? while Mitchell is telling me that we shouldn't even be looking and that I know we can't get a puppy. I say "I know daddy will kill me" then Matty chimes in with well if daddy will only kill you can we get one?? I'm almost afraid to wonder if he was serious!! Needless to say I'm still alive and we didn't come home with a puppy!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Please pray for my mom

I'll try to keep this short :) On Sat 12/8 my mom called me crying, seems for the last week or so she's been having some chest pains. She was having one right then but it was worse and lasting longer then the previous times so she called me. I insited she go to the ED, I went and picked her up to take her in. She had some EKG changes and was admited so they could moniter her. She was released on Sun and had a follow up stress test scheduled for 12/17. Well yesterday morning she had another episode of chest pain so she called her dr as soon as she got to work (she also works at the hospital) but this time the chest pain included some radiating arm pain so they got her in for a nuclear stress test (something new, I'm not sure I have the right name for it) anyway the test confirmed some kind of blockage in her heart. I'm picking her up this morning for a cardiac catheterization. This can either fix the blockage or let them know what needs to be done next. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers today, she's not exactly in the best health to start with. She's my best friend

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yes I'm still here!!! barely but still here. We've had a crazy past few weeks. I kept waiting to blog until I had some pictures to share.....and well you know how that goes.

So I'll start with a picture :) This is Mitchells pumpkin, I'm sure with the cleaver you could've figured it out!!
The boys always have a great time carving the pumpkins!

OK so I'm not sure how to place these pictues where I want them......above on the right is Brian helping Matty with his makeup. Matty designed his costume all by himself. He also drew Brian a picture of how he wanted his makeup and checked it often to make sure Brian was following his directions!

and here they nerd and my monster!!! aren't they adorable!!!

now fast forward to my 40th birthday!!! we took the boys and headed to Chicago to spend a couple days at the Museum of Science and Indstry....I know about this time you're thinking, not a far stretch for Mitchell to be a nerd for Halloween!! well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-) here are my guys with one of their heros...

My yummy cake!! it was as good as it looks too!!

Matty was the super star last week in class. Mitchell came down and joined me to watch him talk about himself to his class. Mitchell is standing on the right.

well not much else has been doing on here. We're trying to figure out where and how we might put up a Christmas tree...if we don't figure it out soon it won't be an issue!! Most of our shopping is done, this is a pretty light year gift wise. Kids have way too much they sure don't need more. They're getting a few big items and that'll do them just fine.

The boys and I have been busy getting the house nice and clean. Last week we went room by room each day after school. It was great they were such good helpers.....probably because they had to work off not going to swimming!! We all agreed Mitchell's room was by far the worst!! Today they were supposed to work on the playroom while I worked in my scraproom (which really IS the worst room in the house) but the boys caught me surfing the net and said it wasn't fair for them to be working while I wasn' because I'm so UNmotivated to get my scraproom cleaned and organized I did some laundry inbetween surfing, shopping and catching up on my blog reading while they played all day. it was a win win situation.......well except for the playroom and my scraproom are still a mess!!!

Brian spent 11 hours at the library today!! his classes end on Wed.....until next semester! I'm so proud of him, I think there were several times he really wanted to quit. But he didn't and he'll be glad when he's done.

I hope everyone is feeling the spirit!!