Sunday, September 28, 2008

Batman + Saturday = Baturday

That's right! Yesterday was our official Baturday......Lego Batman came out on Tuesday....I know this because the boys have been counting down the days for months now. They are such great kids that we decided to get it for them as an end of summer back to school kind of gift. I've also resisted letting them so see The Dark Knight all summer long. After reading many reviews I thought it might be just a little dark for them. So Brian decided he was going to take them and made an entire day around Batman.....right down to the (bat) WINGS at Buffalo Wild Wings. He can be so creative when he sets his mind to it. I still haven't figured out a way to tie in Batman to Matty's new hair cut.....if you figure it out be sure to let me know. Here are a couple pictures of his new doo! OH and we picked up his new glasses too!!

Peter Parker update

Well it seems that word got out we're some kind of spider santuary!! Meet Venom...

Venom toxicity - the bite of the St Andrews Cross is of low risk (non-toxic) to humans. They are a non-aggressive group of spiders.
Spider Identification - adult 1/4" to 1/2" in body length - abdomen striped yellow and brown - as illustrated. The St Andrews Cross Spider usually sits, upside down, in the middle of its web forming a cross - as illustrated.
Habitat - this spider is a web-weaver usually found in summer in garden areas around the home. It is considered beneficial as it spins a large web to snare flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes.

But they must've scared off all the tasty bugs, as of today we haven't been able to find either one....I'm actually a little bit sad. Just a little bit!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've been MIA

In the begining of September to help out a friend I've been watching her 2 kids on Monday and Tuesday, at her house. It wasn't really working for my family so I told her I can only do in for as if the boys weren't messed up enough, I started helping a friend with her business, packaging up orders. It's been crazy around here with me gone so much. My last day to package is sat and I might be babysitting on Mon & Tues. They're talking with the new person to see if she can start next week. But either way next week I get my life back!! Mitchell's had a hard time these last few days. This has really stopped the feelings I had for needing to get a job outside the house.

More later because I have a Peter Parker update I've been wanting to post!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Peter Parker update

OK I have to admit that it's been a little bit fascinating watching him, or her actually according to Brian. Tonight I was watching him fix his new all those arms and legs going at the same time...makes me wish I had an extra set!! Anyway I took a nap today since I was out stamping until 5am!! and got up by 9 this morning. I made some super cute cards and atc's for the swap. I'll be sure to post them when I finish them up. Anyway back to Peter. So I'm up a little late watching Air Force One....who doesn't love watching Han Solo save the day!! I just wanted to let you know how honkin big this spider is..........every time the motion light goes off he sets it right back on again!! this spider is setting off the motion light!! I tried taking some pictures but they didn't turn out as good as I wanted. I'll try again tomorrow.

Friday, September 05, 2008

who am I and where is the real Laurie!?!?

So anyone that *knows* me.....know's my fear of spiders (and pretty much anything that has more then 2 legs.....{most} cats and dogs excluded!) so this will come as a HUGE suprise.......let me start from the begining.....Matty is sitting at the dinning room table and I'm on the couch, he's starting to tell me a story about a dream he had. I'm looking at him when my vision starts to focus on something behind him...something eyes got huge!! he whips around to see what I'm looking's this...
Orb-Weaving Spiders
Venom toxicity - the bite of Orb-Weaving Spiders is of low risk (not toxic) to humans. They are a non-aggressive group of spiders. Seldom bite. Be careful not to walk into their webs at night - the fright of this spider crawling over one's face can be terrifying and may cause a heart attack, particularly to the susceptible over 40 year olds.

Spider Identification - an adult is about 2/3 to more than 1 inch in body length - has a bulbous abdomen - often colorful - dark to light brown pattern. The common Golden Orb-Weaver Spider has a purplish bulbous abdomen with fine hairs.

Habitat - often found in summer in garden areas around the home - they spin a large circular web of 6 feet or more, often between buildings and shrubs, to snare flying insects, such as, flies and mosquitoes.
That's right....this DEADLY spider living outside of our big window. Do you need to go back and re-read the part I highlighted above!?!?
My first reaction was to call 911!! Ok not really but it's HUGE and I thought for sure I needed to call someone!! THEN while the boys and I were standing there not really knowing what to do a fly landed in his web (I say he becaue I named him Peter Parker) and just as fast as it landed in the web Peter ran as fast as his little 8 legs would carry him and started spinning it around!!! It was facinating!! we really couldn't take our eyes off it. I bet we watched him for an hour!! he also got a nother big bug but we couldnt figure out what kind it was. Mitchell thought it was a bee. So Brian got home later that night and we had to reenact the segment where we first saw it. He knew all about Peter and it seems he's been living all over the side of our house!?!? WHAT!!
So Peter is safe for now, until he either gets closer to the back door or OMG actually comes into contact with me.....then he'll be a giant splat!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No 20/20's here

Today the boys and I went for our annual eye exams....each year Matty is so sad that he doesn't get to pick out a pair of frames......until NOW!!! I knew it was only a matter of time since the dr told me about 2 years ago he'd need them soon. We had a lot of fun trying on different pairs. He was a little upset when he found out the logo's and information WOULD'NT be on the lens' when he got his "real" glasses....the tech got a kick out that that!! Here is the little guy with the pair we picked out. I splurged and got him the transition lens' (they get dark in the sunlight)