Friday, August 31, 2007

My legs are hurting!!

The boys started school on among other things it also means that we start up our walking to and from school again. Last year I was really hit or miss about it and I told the boys we needed to walk twice a week..... big surprise -that never happened!!! So on Wed I started walking 2.5 miles a day, that's broken up into 2 1.25 walks. I keep telling myself it'll get better!! The boys keep asking if we can drive, but I'm holding firm (not like me at all!!) I do enjoy the quiet time and not having the distractions of life, this morning on my way home it was so quiet, the birds were chirping, it was very peaceful.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


my new computer that is!!! I got it yesterday and in less then 15 seconds I had it out of the box and plugged in to charge!! it's the most gorgeous shade of green!

The boys were SO excited, they've been asking me everyday if its coming....I couldn't figure out why, so I asked.....When the Simpsons movie was ready to start there was a commercial about getting Simsonized but old faithful wouldn't do it (not in a timely manor anyway) So they've been waiting all this time
Here is a picture of me and Mitchell before heading off to school
Mitchell (the ham!!)
Matty (even hammier!!!)Me and Matty

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bittersweet day

Today is the day I dread all year long.....sending my boys back to school!! I hate having them gone all day, but I love the excitement of back to school. I really hated going back to school as a child and don't really ever remember being excited about school. Both boys got up super early today and we were all ready to go 30 min early!! I had already taken our traditional first day of school pictures so we took some silly pictures. I'd post some of the pictures but my computer is doing downhill fast!! and I can't get them to upload =-( hopefully the new one would arrive soon and I can share some pictures. I went to both of their classrooms and took some pictures. It's so hard to believe my babies are in 2nd and 4th grade!! I know every mom says this but I sure don't know where the time has gone!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I had the BEST weekend!!

Thank you Daiva, Tammy, Trina and Lori!!! I had such a good time!! and I got 8 pages and a mini book done!!! well 4 of the pages still need a title but that shouldn't be too hard to finish up. I'm going to follow up an awesome weekend with friends with an awesome weekend with my family! Over labor day weekend Brian is going to take the boys on a couple of day hikes and I think I'll join them for don't want to over do myself!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Starting new

OK I talked to my good buddy Lori today....for a long time, sorry Lori!! and Thanks to Tammy and Brandi. All three of the people that read my blog!! And I feel SO much better, I'm thinking after this weekend I'll be back to my normal self confident self!! This situation isn't my fault and I didn't do anything wrong........other then letting them get away with taking advantage of me for so long!!! There I said it........wrote it down for all to read!!! All 3 of you!!! I love you guys!! thanks, you have no idea what your friendship means to me!! ((HUGS)) goes on

Well this week we're pretty much gotten back in to the swing of life. We are at one week until school starts, Matty is the only one excited about going back. Brian starts back today, it'll be a challenge for him to not get completely stressed out. I'll have to work even harder to keep things running at home without bugging him too much about things.

Then there's this other major unresolved stress in my life. Is it better that it isn't getting resolved?? I had told myself that the longer it took the less likely it would be to end well. The longer time goes on the more I know things won't be good. It'll never be like it was, I know that. I know that it also affects the decisions I'm needing to make now, it's probably the main reason I can't seem to decide on things.

I'm going to crop with some great friends this weekend, I thought about not going. I sure don't need to sit there crying while they're trying to crop and have a great time. But I haven't cried since......well yesterday morning LOL and I'm thinking that being around some wonderful people is just what I need.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Brian came home early, he surprised me yesterday. Walked right in the door, I didn't even hear him come in......LOL thankfully I was working in my craft room. Then I heard the boys talking to someone, freaked me out since they've been know to open the door and invite people right in. I guess I didn't sound very good on the phone Friday night so he cancelled a meeting and came home. We had a nice evening, dinner out then I fell asleep. I haven't been sleeping well (go figure) and I just crashed once we came home. It sure helps having someone I know loves me, so close.

It's so hard to sort through some of this stuff, I don't want or need it but it's hard to just throw it it's taking a little longer then I had hoped.

I'm trying to decide if I should do a scrapbook show, I've done it before, I wouldn't call it a huge success but I have gotten a few good retreat attendees from it. UGH For just one month I wish someone could come in and make all my decisions for me.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pity Party......Table for 1

Well last night was the cherry pit on top of a pretty crappy week. I think this cherry had 2 pits in it!! I don't think I believe in karma anymore, in fact there seems to be a lot of things I don't believe in anymore, but I sure don't know what the heck I did to deserve this. I'm sure in a little while (I won't say a few days since right now I feel like I've got it coming at me from every direction) I'll look back on this time in my life and think it wasn't so bad, that I was just over sensitive. We'll see....

Friday, August 17, 2007


I just needed to say that (or scream it!!) I can't wait for Brian to come home!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm having a bad week

I haven't had a week (it's only been 2 days!! it just feels like longer) like this in a long time! I don't understand why people are dishonest. Especially people who you are really close to. For me being a friend is something I don't take for granted, if you are my friend I'd do anything I can for you. This person in particular I've gone out of my way for more times then I can count or remember. And without even thinking I'd inconvenience myself and even my family sometimes.........but that's what you do for friends right?? I've been hurt to the core of my soul, I'm not sure if this can be righted...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Alone again...

Brian left a couple hours ago and won't be home until next Sunday. I'm so glad this is the last of his trips.......for a while anyway. The boys and I are going to kick it into high gear and finish up this scrapbook room/family room re-organization. He's going to be SO surprised when he gets home!! That's the plan anyway.

He did hang my printer shelf yesterday so I got that area done, it looks so much better.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So today was another hot one. We were going to go to the pool but decided it was too hot.......can you imagine how hot it must be to not want to go to the pool!?!?! The boys had a couple friends come over and ended up staying for the night.

School registration is tis week with the last day being tomorrow......I guess I need to go LOL I'm not sure why I don't want to go, it could be that I cant' believe school is almost here or the registrations fee's LOL since buying the house I've gotten more frugal (although my better half wouldn't agree) There is a make up day next week if I find I'm still not ready tomorrow!

News from the scrap room - I am finished sorting the scrap stuff that was packed. So today I took all the ribbon and metal embellishments and got them organized........felt good but didn't seem to make a dent on the counter top!! Tomorrow I'll work on my desk. Oh I also got 10 cd's woth of pictures off my computer!! I've got to get all the important stuff off here before the new one gets here. I'm hoping to use this one for the retreats and the boys inbetween, but it needs sme work.

I hope everyone is staying cool!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

it's so HOT

Oh my the arm pit of summer has arrived!! It's been hot hot hot and it's not going to let up for a while it seems. So I'll do my best to stay inside! Depending on what we have going on I told the boys on Friday we might go to the cool pool across town. They have a couple twisty slides and a lazy river.

My scrap room is coming along. It's actually kinda freaky at how much I'm getting done. (I'm not always known for my productivity!) I've sorted over half the boxes I had left. I can't wait to get them all done so I can figure out what I need storage for and find a place for everything.

School registration is this week. I'm going to wait until the last possible minute to register....maybe even next week for the make-up day!!! I can't believe summer break is almost over. It'll be awesome to see all the renovations at the school tho!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is a picture of my guys on the beach of Lake Michigan across from the Museum of Science and Industry.

Well Brian left a few hours ago :( his traveling is bittersweet.....I miss him and all that he does to help me but it's nice to have a more flexible schedule. He helped me hang up some shelves yesterday I love how they turned out.

Across the bottom shelf I have small round glass jars with my alphabets in them A-Z then 2 on the middle shelf hold the &'s and #'s the rest of the jars/bottles hold flowers......mostly prima's. I don't get to use them in my scrapbooking much, having two boys, but I sure do enjoy looking at them!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

What a great week!

First I was gone for my summer retreat with AASC once I got home Brian left for Quantico Va. He was gone for 8 days. He's home for this week then off again for 2 weeks. So we had decided to spend a few days in Chicago for some much needed family time. The museum of Science and Industry has a CSI exhibit that we thought the boys would love. I was a little hesitant since I remember the museum being a little {boring} but figureing I live with 3 science geeks I thought I'd go along for the good time and maybe a little shipping. WOW either I've matured a little or the museum has gone thru a major renuvation.....I think maybe alittle of both!!. Anyway we had a FANTASTIC time!! On the way up we stopped at Fudduckers for dinner, the boys had such a good time they asked if we could eat lunch there instead of McD's on the way home!! So we did :)
We stopped at Archivers where I finally found the BG file set I've been looking for. Wed am we were off to the MoS&I Brian wanted to leave a little early incase we hit traffic, there really wasn't any so we got there early. We walked under Lake Shore Drive and got some morning pictures on the beach. The sun was shinining just a little too bright and it was very hot but I took the pictures anyway. Once the museum opened time seemed to fly by, the CSI exhibit was awesome both boys figured out their assigned case and had a blast!! (we can't wait to go back for the Star Wars exhibit!!) We didn't get to see most of the museum, but that's OK since we can't wait to go back!! We stopped at a cool bison & beef grill for dinner then headed to IKEA. We'd never been and I've been wanting to go for years!! I've ordered off the website and was uber excited when I say the's HUGE!!! I practically ran inside.......I'm not sure if my expecations were just too high or if it's because I wasn't really looking for anything specific but I was a little disappointed. I thought the employees were a little rude too. But I did **manage** to buy a few things ;-) It was a great few days!!

Today I went to the anuual Cain family reunion. My Grandma Schweighart is a Cain and this is her siblings. I always look forward to going and seeing the family I never get to see any other time. It was also my Uncle Ronnies 70th birthday.........8-) I didn't believe it, he looks awesome for his age (I hope I inherit that!!) I volunteered/got volunteered to help organize and send out reminders for the future reunions. We voted to move it back to Sunday next year. Sat didnt' give us much of a turnout with a lot of cousins working. THen my mom realized that it would be on Uncle Ronnies birthday again next year!! Once she told him he said in that case he'd like some presents too!!! It was also kinda sad, my Aunt Maxine seems to be having more trouble with her memory. She's such a beautiful and kind woman, it's hard seeing her like that.