Wednesday, December 16, 2009

broken record

These days I feel like each day is a repeat of the one before it....but that's A-OK with me. I like it....I know what to expect :)

Today is no far today I've gone to the gym, did a little work, laundry, wrapped up more Christmas gifts, got the box ready to ship to B's family, did a month's worth of menus.....and made the shopping list to go with it :D GO ME!!

I'm going to stop at Hobby Lobby on my way to get the shopping done....I need.....yes NEED another storage's an addiciton really...but it being addicted to storage containers really a bad thing??

hoping to end my outside adventures on time to pick the boys up from school (and Mitchell from the bus) and head to Steak n Shake for a yummy (and half off) peppermint chocolate chip shake....and yes I do know how cold it is outside.....they're that good!!

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